Supernulla Creative Studio is born from the friendship between Marcello Raffo, Nicolò Tromben and Marco Venturi.

They met each other in Ferrara, Italy, where they graduated in product design at the local university. After a few years of experiences in graphic design between Porto, Venezia and Ravenna, they decided to run their own graphic design studio in January 2020. They were smart working before it was cool, working together from their homes in Thiene, Vicenza and Lugo. Supernulla creative studio is specialised in Brand Identity, Editorial Design, Motion Design and Illustration.


The studio took the name Supernulla (literally “super-nothing”, in English) for the fascination of the members for the contrast between everything and nothing, absolute and relative.

The concept of the studio identity couldn’t step away from these ideas. Typography with minimal attitude aside flat surfaces in black or white (all and nothing), contrast and harmony. Finally, a wireframe black hole, as an icon of the meaning of the name.


Inspired by the very specific context of  Fabbrica Altra and the people the artist has met, Marie Lelouche develops a set of works all assembled in an exhibition named “Failed to Synchronise”.

Fabbrica Saccardo, with the help of Saverio Bonato, commissioned us to design the identity of the exhibition.

We developed two different poster formats and the explanatory papers, playing with images and typography recreating the message given by the exhibition title.


Music event identity for SUBPHONICS Collective based in London, specialised in experimental electronic music.


The prolific collaboration with the Bronson universe led us to design different outputs for any of the fields of the entertaining company. Here’s a selection of posters we made for different music artists during the last two years.

Our work is not limited to poster design, but it also involves the complete package a live club, record label, bar and restaurant needs for the promotion of its image.

Thanks to this collaboration we have the occasion to get in touch with several international music artist and personalities.


Sandro Grottesco is a semi extended typeface family with three different weights (Light, Regular and Bold) and the relative italic versions. All the glyphs are designed with a big contrast between rigid and soft shapes to obtain a funny and dynamic personality. As others sans serif typefaces, Sandro is perfect to create artworks with big titles and strong hierarchy.



Giorgio and Ivana are a couple. They have a very strong passion about nature and environmental issues that involve people in everyday life.

Together, they started to create nice terrariums, to bring the passion they have in common in their own house. Soon the passion became a mission: to bring their message to all the people that needs to feel closer to the nature, to restore a contact with it, even without leaving home.

Palme di Montagna is born.

They got us into this project asking to design the visual identity of this new brand, an identity that could pop out from the standards of the usual nature-centered brands.

Giovanni Murolo was born in Brescia, Italy, in 1988. He studied Product Design and Communication at the University of the Republic of San Marino, and later he obtained a Master’s degree in Publishing Design at ISIA in Urbino, with a thesis project on musical notation and typography, with the supervision of Luciano Perondi.

He moved to Berlin where he worked as a freelance graphic designer. Meanwhile he realized a self-initiated project called “Politic Posters”in collaboration with the graphic designer Elisa Chieruzzi. The project concerned of 29 posters based on socio-political facts occurred during 2016.

At that time he also started designing a grotesque character called “Seagal” that would have been a three-years project: a typeface with many alternate styles, that is widely used (and tested) in his projects.

In May 2017 he moved to Paris to work for the prestigious design studio Spassky Fischer, where he worked on different editorial projects, like Spectre 01 and Classeur 02 (both published by Èditions Cosa Mentale). Completed this fulfilling work experience, he decided to return to Italy and he moved to Milan, where he worked as a freelancer. He collaborated with various graphic design studios including the Dallas studio (Francesco Valtolina and Kevin Pedron). He also taught, as Paola Lenarduzzi’s assistant, for the Editorial Design course at NABA in Milan. In the meantime he was also a tutor at ISIA in Urbino, for an identity project commissioned by the municipality. He collaborated with Filippo Emiliani for the identity of an emerging brand of bags called Object Particolare.

In 2018 Giovanni worked as graphic designer for 6 months at the Juma studio in Balerna, Switzerland.

Since October 2019 he has been working as graphic designer for Kaleidoscope, under the creative direction of Alessio Ascari and the artistic direction previously Bureau Borsche followed by the Kasper Florio studio.

Maxim Dosca is a 28 years old graphic designer currently based in Venice, Italy. He graduated from the Iuav University (Industrial Design and Visual Communication) and obtained a Masters Degree in Communication and Publishing Design  at the same university in Venice. His activity focuses on topics around editorial design, print design, publishing, digital art and illustration. Alongside commissioned work he also collaborates with musicians and art galleries around the world.

As a freelance designer, some of the main challenges are staying motivated, and also accepting when an idea doesn’t always go the way you planned. Challenged by the mistakes in his works, Maxim tried to refine these quirks into dynamic ones. This is where his “metagrafik” project comes from, a personal challenge to create one poster everyday for one year. At the base of each poster are various cultural events, however, interpreted in a personal way. Using typography and image to create distinctive imagery, he refined his style to nurture his passion for graphic design. His work has an element of play which materializes a sense of original content around his own curiosity to discover new ideas and techniques.