Online submission

Bounty Hunters is a London-based digital visual design magazine. Daily content from all over the world carefully chosen by the team. A platform for inspiration and promotion of good design.

However, we accept unsolicited submissions and have indicated some steps for those interested in being involved.


1. We only accept complete projects, personal and otherwise. Poster, branding, packaging, typography, visual identity, logo design, editorial design and motion graphics.


2. The files must be sent in .jpg or .png format. At least 2000 pixels wide.


3. We kindly ask you to rename the .jpg files like this: project-name-X-Bounty-Hunters-1 (2-3 etc.) .jpg or .png. The progressive number at the end will suggest your favourite order.


4. Our editors will choose the best cover image suitable for us, regardless of your sending order (which will however be respected as much as possible).


5. Please include an updated biography so that we can talk about you and your project in the best possible way. Also, don’t forget to provide us with a complete and comprehensive summary of your submitted work. We kindly ask all in the third person.


6. Also send us your IG, Behance, Dribbble and your website. They will be present within your project.
On IG we will only use your profile.


**Some sites or blogs ask for money for this sort of things. We are against it, but for this reason, we will still be selective in publishing the most interesting projects.