Alessio Longa is a graphic designer from Milan, he’s currently completing the training course at the New Academy of Fine Arts – NABA, in Milan, where he attends the Graphic Design & Art Direction course.
His biggest source of inspiration is the international typographic style of the 1950s, also called the Swiss school: it always strikes him in its rigor and in being balanced and clear.

Editorial graphics are also a big source of inspiration for him, as they projects him into a dimension in which the white space is no longer ‘empty’ but it becomes ‘cluttered’.
The style that he prefers, and that he tries to apply as much as possible, plays on using fairly rigid grids, minimalism, leveraging the use of typography as a design and communication element.


Design Issey Miyake is a tribute project to the Japanese designer Issey Miyake, who revolutionized the world of design, with particular devotion to innovation and experimentation, ranging from fashion design to product design, inspiring minds in all areas of design.



N-E is a constantly changing brand. It’s a community of creative minds that work on the contemporary visual culture through a strong base on concepts that generates their own language.

Established in 2014 and based in Madrid, N-E is a flexible team that collaborate with professional talent selected by mutual empathy and admiration which results in a multidisciplinary approach adjustable to all kind of project from different fields.

Each part of N-E has a different role but everyone pursues a one and only common goal: To solve every project in the best and unique possible way.

N-E has designed the catalog for the exhibition “TWELVE CAUTIONARY URBAN TALES”, a project organized by MATADERO MADRID. An exhibition about the city, which reflects on what it could be, not on what it is now.

The investigation of the fables was the axis for the design of this publication. In this process, we find ESOPO, one of the best-known authors of fables, who appears in the book “CHRONICLES OF NUREMBERG” (1493). The layout of its pages and the compositions that characterize the original book are one of our sources of inspiration.

FABLE NUMBER 13 can already be seen on the cover of the book. Written in a typeface inspired by the UTOPIENSE ALPHABET and printed with UVI varnish, a marker helps reveal the secret history found on some of its pages.

The exhibition takes as its inspiration the project “Twelve Warning Stories for Christmas”, carried out by the group of radical architects SUPERSTUDIO and first published in 1971 in the Architectural Design magazine: a series of twelve short stories. SUPERSTUDIO was a collective framed in the artistic trend known as ANTI-DESIGN or radical design. In opposition to RATIONALISM, they proposed that creative expression must be above function. This movement with its great VISUAL IMPACT is present in the publication and its composition.

Today Maximilien Pellegrini an independent Graphic Designer based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. In parallel, He teaches graphic design at the Academie de Meuron.

MASK — Architects & design

Maximilien Pellegrini

 My approach is to use the specificities offered by architecture as a tool to create a close analogy between graphic design and architecture, a parallel with the general form and the reader’s experiences. To do this, I thought and conceived the book as an architectural piece in itself, a house, a physical construction, offering to the reader the possibility to live a spatial and temporal experience through the rhythms of the sequences and the structure of the editorial composition.

The book is an articulation of images and texts, beginning with an entrance, a hall where there is an additional folder (a leporello) used as an index, an inventory of the contents. The latter oscillates between expected and unexpected, always with the aim of bringing the reader into a defined space-time. To proceed I designed a rigorous system where the reader is able to discover the various «floors», grouping all the typologies of architecture through diagrams, plans, to 3D renderings. This monograph presents the projects of architecture, design products, along with the theoretical and philosophical missions of the studio MASK Architects & Design since 2014.

Borja Flores,  is a graphic designer from Valencia, Spain. Currently, at the advertising agency called Aftershare. He works in advertising campaigns but as well  collaborate with a video producers, luxury fashion brands, and dedicate his spare time to invent his own work with a strong interest in the graphic design.

Borja Flores says “I prefer do many collaborations, although they are free only if I can show my work, if the artist imposes his tastes I am not interested”.

Design for the editorial and Fashion Film ‘Medusa’ by Pellicer Estudio. The Fashion Film was in the final selection at the 5th International Awards @fashionfilmfestivalistanbul.

“As written by Ovid in Metamorphosis, Medusa was transformed in the monster we all know after she was raped by Poseidon in Athenea temple. Athena’s wrath made her blame and punish Medusa stirring her hair in snakes. Now anyone who looked she would turn to stone but not because she wanted to. The boys on the jellyfish Fashion Film realizes that, and even they turn into stone, they Don’t blame her. They could look through your eyes and see the it hurts inside her.”

Aleksandra Braska is a graphic designer with love for editorial design and typography. She graduated from Fine Arts Academy in Katowice, but also had the opportunity to study at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. She has been gaining her experience as a designer, working both in a studio context as well as a freelancer. In addition to her love for design, she also writes articles for young creatives for an online design magazine –


CUTE is a personal magazine about perception of beauty in nowadays society, beauty standards and the idea of beauty served in social media.