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Type 01 (@type01_) is a UK-based media company that hunts out talented type-focused artists and designers from all over the world. Taking open submissions and showcasing work to mark the indistinct, fine line between type and design, they have impeccable eye for talent. We decided to get in touch with them to find out more about Type 01’s top 15 designers and type-led ventures.



Jasmina Zornic | @jasminazornic_design

First up, it’s art director and designer, Jasmina Zornic. Jasmina’s vibrant type work is super energetic and brightly coloured; filled with tonal plays on pattern and dimension. We particularly love her tongue-in-cheek musician packaging series – featuring these delights below – which gives a taste of her stunning, personality-filled work!



OMSE X Family Type | @omse.co X @familytype.co

We wanted to highlight this collaboration between OMSE and Family Type, which features a series of 3D typographic billboards across London and other UK cities, as well as press advertisements, posters and online graphics for Printworks London AW19; to promote their season of events. Developed by building on the venue’s original identity, created by Only Studio, this project extends the venue’s visuality in exciting ways; when viewed through a custom designed app, the typographic works move into an immersive augmented reality dimension. The project was awarded at graphite pencil at the D&AD awards, and theres no doubt it’s some of the most exciting work out there.

Lou Rainaldo X Daytona Mess | @lou_rnld X @daytonamess.png

For the incredible Aliénor Display, Lou Rainaldo and Daytona Mess also land a place in our top 15. Filled with contrasting weights, fixed upstrokes and stunning, understated detail through its 14 ligatures, Aliénor Display radiates and embodies elegance in its purest form.



Marie Boulanger | @mariedansparis

Based between London and Paris, Marie Boulanger absolutely has to be in our top 15! Her typeface Faubourg Display began as a byproduct of a different project, and has since grown (and continues to grow) into itself. Inventive, elegant and expressive, this project definitely deserves some looking into.


Mat Voyce | @matvoyce

Leeds-based designer, Mat Voyce, works at Analogue (@madebyanalogue) by day and by night, he experiments with stretching type and making animated, typographic looping stickers. His work is super playful and his stretching, typographic animations are vibrant, considered, witty and distinctive.



V&J Foundry | @violaineetjeremy

Violaine and Jérémy of V&J Foundry are the creators of some stunning work; not least their new typeface, Jäger (which we recently profiled on Type-01). We found their art direction and editorial design for annual innovation and trends magazine, L’ADN Trends 2020, super inspiring. Featuring some stunning layouts, inventive typesetting and a beautifully intriguing array of type work, this project definitely deserves some hype.



Inari Type | @inaritype

Brazil-based independent type foundry, Inari Type, founded by Caio Kondo and Satsuki Arakaki, is rooted in Japanese-Brazilian culture and focuses on the importance of research, cultural heritage and process, to deliver and distribute stunning typographic work. We wanted to highlight their self-titled display typeface, Inari. Based on grid explorations, it follows a monospaced, unicase style and all the glyphs are designed to replicate ink flow, as though they were hand written. The foundry is built on a journey of stunning cultural exploration surrounding the Brazilian-Japanese diaspora, and is deserving of so much praise.


Charlie Le Maignan | @charlie.le.maignan

Freelance designer Charlie Le Maignan also caught our eye with his type motion graphic work for Demo Festival 2019 (@demo.festival). Featuring geometrically unfolding patterns with a psychedelic energy, these immersive motion type designs are definitely worth our attention.



David Mascha | @davidmascha

David Mascha’s 36 Days of Type designs have also deserve some serious recognition. Featuring smooth, futuristic designs which play with colour, experimental non-linear forms and dimension, this series of work is an inspiring interpretation of the potential of type.



TwoPoints.Net X Nike Europe | @twopointsnet X @nike._europe

TwoPoints.Net’s project with Nike Europe consisted of the visual retail design and campaign for Nike’s new shop at Chelsea FC Stadium. They created three bespoke typefaces for the project, as well as some stunning moving image displays and 3D specimens which we loved. You can learn more about the project here.



Joseph Dennis | @josephdennis

Villanelle, designed by Jospeh Dennis, is another favourite. The typeface, available on Type Department, is designed to emulate its namesake character; Villanelle, lethal psychokilier of BBC America’s Killing Eve. With sharp, plunging serifs and juxtaposition of elegant curves and razor-sharp edges, Villanelle is as deadly as it is hypnotic.



Morgane Vantorre | @gagane_

Paris-based graphic and type designer, Morgane Vantorre is the designer of Arthemys Display – a favourite typeface of ours. Based on a XVIIIth century aesthetic, Arthemys Display is a meticulous, refined typeface based on engraved lettering of cartographies and the specimens of Nicolas Gando.



Mikey Kelly | @mikikeli

New York City-based designer, Mikey Kelly, is currently working for &Walsh (@andwalsh) and has captured our attention with his boldly graphic type animations. His confident, 3D warping of type through these motion graphics is transfixing – definitely worth a closer a look.


Alec Tear | @alec_tear

Alec Tear’s 36 Days of Type series resonated with us too – particularly with this tonal design for ‘A’. The pointillism-esque study creates an almost metallic surface and is an exciting exploration of shape and texture. A deeper look into his 36 Days of Type series is definitely warranted.




Shanti Sparrow | @shanti_sparrow

Australian graphic designer, children’s book illustrator and educator, Shanti Sparrow, has been recognised for her stunning explorations of 3D type. These monochrome pieces explore shape, dimension and texture through the warping of letterforms to create a super-exciting body of work.




Thank you so much to Type 01 for your time and contribution! To see more from them, check out their website and Instagram.



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