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I just hope clubs can safely reopen in order for us to enjoy them again. We deserve it.











Softskills is a DJ and electronic music producer from Barcelona. He was a resident DJ in several venues where he has shared the stage with some of the most desired international artists. His musical talent led him to play in many incredible venues around the magical island of Ibiza such as Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Club, Eden Ibiza, La Plage, Plastik Beach Club, Ushuaïa Tower, etc. With boundless energy and boundless enthusiasm for the scene, he has performed with famous artists such as Maceo Plex, Odd Parents, Seth Troxler, Art Department, Luciano, Luna City Express, Timo Maas, Chris Liebing, Adam Beyer, Los Pastores, Gianni Callipari , Los Suruba and many others. Softskills is famous for his mixing and ability to choose a melody and when it is his turn to play on turntables, the crowd knows that the energy and atmosphere of the club will rise to another level.




How / When / Why did you start playing?

At 16/17 I started playing hip hop, rock and music of the time with friends just for fun and curiosity, later we started listening to underground electronic music like Drum & Bass, Hardtek, Ragga Jungle and Psy-trance and when we were 19 we already mounted the “Odd” party not entirely legal in Catalonia haha 🙂 That gave us a lot of musical culture and experience and, from time to time, we would have gigs in clubs around Barcelona, and little by little, a hobby transformed into something else and without realizing it you are playing in some wonderful place surrounded by good company, and in the end I think that’s why I do it.

Maybe another day I will tell you about my Ibizan experience!




Where do you draw from to get new music? / What is your musical exploration process?

The truth is: everywhere! 

Especially Spotify or Bandcamp, every day I am fascinated by more and more artists that are undiscovered with magnificent music and you can find them anywhere, both on the networks and on the street. You have to always keep your ear open because you never know, most of my Shazam songs are from the car radio




What has the pandemic meant for you? What impact did it had on your personal life?

It has been an important reset in everyone’s life, I think, after living in this strange situation for so long, we must look for the positive side, in my case it has helped me a lot to get to know my family and close friends even more. It’s something that during a normal year is way more difficult since our night life limits us a lot when it comes to being together or sharing moments and this year has been for that. Although I hope everything returns to normal and we can celebrate as soon as possible.



What do you think of clubs and discos closed due to the pandemic? Positive and negative aspects from your point of view.

I think it was a necessity at the beginning, of course, for the safety reasons etc, it’s normal, what does not seem normal to me is that after a whole year without help many of them have had to close and the governments treat them as if they were the biggest problem.

There is a lot of politics involved within what happens in general and it is always a bit tricky to talk about all this, I just hope it happens quickly and we can somehow give support and help so that clubs can safely reopen in order for us to enjoy them again. We deserve it.



3 names of producers or DJs that inspire you

Ethodi Hristov, Beckers / D-Nox, Citizen Kain.

These three artists always appear in my sets at some point or another haha they always mark a before and after mixing, they are energetic and melodic which is exactly my favorite style or the one I jump the most to


Future projects, are you working on something specific at the moment?

Right now we have activity in Tulum with ‘La Aso’ with whom I joined last year and they are an exceptional family with a great future and with great projects underway, my brother is also preparing a project in Dubai that we hope will be underway in October with which I am going to collaborate.

It’s a bit strange because when you create a project today you’re in a kind of a limbo depending on the conditions and restrictions of the country and the governments.

Of course, ideas and desire are not lacking. 🙂



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