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Giulia Boccarossa

Italian graphic designer based in Pesaro.

Today, on Bounty Hunters, Giulia Boccarossa with “Ten Years of OZ” and “Adalberto Libera-La città ideale”


Giulia Boccarossa is a 25 years old italian graphic designer based in Pesaro.

She first studied at the University of the Republic of San Marino (UNIRSM) earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design. In 2018, before even graduating, she continued his studies on a full scholarship from the Master in Communication and Design for Publishing at ISIA U, in Urbino.


“As a fairly lonely child, I drew a lot” she says “and my family always encouraged me on this path. I’m also a book lover and this passion grew with me since I was a child. This is the reason why I undertook classical studies before realizing that my path was in the wide world of design. Even if I am now a graphic designer, my previous studies and my passion for architecture and graphic design always accompany me. And I think this is an obvious aspect of my work”.


Her experimental practice mixed with a deep cultural research emerge throughout all her editorial, typography, web design projects.

Among her early works there are “Ten Years of OZ” and “Adalberto Libera-La città ideale”.

Other works include, for example, the spread page for the 35th issue of Progetto Grafico, an italian historical magazine about graphic design.


She recently took part in the design of the book “Segni Migranti”, a monograph about the italian photographer Mario Cresci, published by Postcart. This monograph was designed with other four students from ISIA Urbino Silvia Benvenuti, Benedetta Ettorre, Chiara Netto and Paolo Angelini and supervised by the Italian graphic designer Mauro Bubbico.


Ten Years of OZ

Ten Years of OZ 1963—1973

“Ten Years of OZ 1963—1973” is a work about the story of the underground magazine OZ , one of the most important examples in the independent publishing’s history. The magazine was printed from 1963 to 1973, a short period of time in which the magazine fought against the conservative society of the time, in the native country —Australia— and in England, the country of adoption. OZ published issues related to LGBT rights and racism, environment and feminism.

This book deals with the 60s and 70s and the social, political, artistic and cultural events that defined the counterculture both in Australia and Europe. The outrageous contents of this underground reflected the achievements of a new society which was in conflict with the official power and helped to revolutionize the aesthetics of modern society.

Ten Years of OZ Ten Years of OZ Ten Years of OZ

Adalberto Libera-La città ideale

Adalberto Libera, la città ideale

On the other and, “Adalberto Libera-La città ideale” is a book about the work of an important rationalist architect from Italy. Adalberto Libera, as an eccentric character, didn’t relegate his work to the architectural and engineering field, extending his research to graphic and type design. He designed a Typographic Manual (Manuale pratico per il disegno dei caratteri, 1925) in which he explained the principles behind the design of some typefaces by the italian foundry Bertieri. This work is the result of the redesign of one of these typefaces (an extended bold grotesque) starting from the sketches published in Libera’s Typographic Manual.


Adalberto Libera-La città ideale   Adalberto Libera-La città ideale Adalberto Libera-La città ideale


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