PITUSTUDIO is a collaborative graphic studio based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Made up by different people, they combine both know-how and intuition into sure wins.

As a graphic studio, they create work that is both explorative and beautifully crafted. PITUSTUDIO is well-experienced in creating and developing visual identity, art direction, graphic design, and illustration

Kapowder was founded in 2014 and created to fit easily into your daily routine and lifestyle, with a minimalist approach to a highly crafted collection of all-natural formulas, that fulfill your wellness and beauty lifestyle.

By adding their essentials into your daily routine, it will purify, alkaline, boost energy, maintain a healthy weight and enhance skin collagen, improve skin health, gut health, and overall well-being without damaging our beautiful planet or furry friends.

Extending on their story and philosophy, PITUSTUDIO helps them to create a modern and minimalistic design, that conveys their beliefs on highly crafted collection. Keeping it straightforward and focus on their ingredients, hence curating the most suitable typeface and images that portray their product very well.