Tomasssso on Mirko Fanciullo:

“I know Mirko since a while now, and I just have to admit he’s one of a kind human being. His simplicity and originality at the same time, are the two adjectives that may better describe him the most.

From his look to his records, everything he belongs is a door to a much much deeper rabbit hole, and  I mean EVERYTHING.

As a record collector myself, let me tell you his collection is pretty amazing, he has a special and rich section dedicated to Italty and Brazil from the 70s till first 90s, and that’s where the golden pot is! Moreover he is the curator of  @viniledelgiorno a true jewel for diggers.

His dj sets are just memorable, ranging from classy house to Italodisco, topped with the most rare hits from the past from HipHop to Soul, and all of this while truely enjoying the vibe he creates. He’s also a curator and collaborator of some of the coolest events on the east coast of Sicily like Moro Festival and many more.”



How / When / Why did you start playing?
I was in Rome with my best friend at the time, Lorenzo, and we walk into this record store where I see the vinyl of one of my favorite tracks: Gil Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson – The Bottle.
Before I could even realize, my friend already paid for it, only problem was I didn’t had a record player at the time.

So from there I wanted to listen to my record, obviously, I started searching for a record player and then a second record payer. It rapidly brought me to start a record collection, and consequently to mix records between them.






Where do you draw from to get new music? / What is your musical exploration process?
I’ve been a huge fan of American music in general for several years, and I learned a lot from it.

But currently I’m trying not get too strict in following a specific musical genre, I purely rely on what a simple second hand market can offer me in terms of records, pure randomness!



3 Qualities that all DJs should have in your opinion and why

I honestly believe that there is just one quality that not only djs, but artists in general, should master to the maximum possible extent: the ability to read your public and act consequently.




What has the pandemic meant for you? What impact did it had on your personal life?
As all artists, what made me suffer the most was the absence of any kind of physical public to perform for.



What do you think of clubs and discos closed due to the pandemic? Positive and negative aspects from your point of view.

I don’t think there is any positive aspect related to clubs and bars shut down due to the pandemic.





3 names of producers or DJs that inspire you
Moodymann, Theo Parrish and Dez Andres… I’m a Detroit lover!




Future projects, are you working on something specific at the moment?

Unfortunately due to the current pandemic I’m only able to continue what I do through podcasts like this one, which I love to do every now and then.