Techno producers and DJ’s first and foremost, Subradeon find Soul at the heart of their work, be it via their productions on labels like Rekids, Motech and Hardgroove – or in their consistently engaging DJ sets, where the duo’s strong bond and years of collaboration make for an enigmatic mix of layered Techno, House, Acapellas and Samples mixed live, often using the classic six-turntable-two-mixer setupsynonymous with back to back Techno DJ’ing.


Giuseppe Salone and Salvatore Iannotta met in their mid-teens at home in Caserta, a small city just outside of Naples. Quickly bonding as a result of their love for the blooming Napoli Techno scene, the two friends started to DJ together, emulating the 140+ BPM style they were introduced to by Dave Clarke, Gaetano Parisio and Rino Cerrone at venues like Old River Park and Golden Gate.


After becoming regulars on the Neapolitan club circuit whilst still in their late teens, they saw the early 00’s techno that they had fallen in love with start to slip away from club culture in their home province. As a result of this, Giuseppe made the move to Berlin in August of 2012 and after falling in love with the city, convinced Salvatore to join him six months later.


Fast forward to 2017, after a few years spent honing their sound and Subradeon’s ‘South Connection EP’ found it’s home on Detroit’s Motech label. The EP encompassed four tracks, opening with the sweeping ‘Magdala’, before the ready stomp of ‘Hood’. ‘South Connection’ takes it deeper with scattered synths, before closer, ‘Trouble Woman’ delivers a witty vocal cut-up among the Techno beats…This release was duly picked up by the wider techno community, and, gathering momentum, a year later Subradeon launched their eponymous label and dropped SBRDN001 – a 180g Vinyl four-track EP which asks one question: “What would you do if you woke up one day, deprived of your emotional memory?” to which the duo responds: “There is a technological revolution with the impact of automation and cybernation. And that is a human rights revolution, all over the world.” [Track ID: Cybernation]


This EP captured the attention of Radio Slave, leading to the birth of ‘Walking Through Motown’ dropping just a few months later on his own label Rekids. The record was a true bomb, designed to draw you into Subradeon’s take on Motor-City-Soul and take you on a journey through the 313, in homage to the Detroit pioneers of the Techno sound.


Moving into 2019, alongside picking up a regular slot in the booth at Tresor, Subradeon dropped ‘Movement EP’ on Deetron’s label, Character. The EP was a vocal response to their heroes in the wider Techno community, a moment of gratitude centring on the premise that ‘Each One, Teach One’, honouring the sonic masters who had come before them.


Subradeon then delivered their second EP of 2019 on Subradeon Records, ‘Sounds of Our Mothers’ Mothers’. The title track is a pounding, soulful ballad carried by a voice of freedom – a message of thanks to those women who have shaped the destiny of humanity.

Moving into 2020, Subradeon spent the early part of the year in the studio, preparing for new releases to come in the second half of the year, alongside recording a dynamic and pounding mix for HOR during the lockdown.

0823 calls 313, a message of revolution.



How / When / Why did you start playing?

Like all things that start when you are just a kid, there is no

real starting point. It was around 2005, and in our little 

hometown one of my friends and I often exchanged audio tapes of the various evenings that were held in Naples. Shortly after, a friend of my father gave me a pair of turntables with belt drive (very difficult to use!) so for fun, a little at a time, I started buying house music records and played them at home. A few years later I met Salvatore and our musical backgrounds have crossed and contaminated each other completely. We had a lot of fun experimenting dj sets with 2 mixers and 4 turntables, to the point of finding our dimension in that kind set up, in fact we still play like that today. Since those years our lives have evolved and we have gone through many stages of change, but the music has always kept us together and we still continue to feed our experimentation and musical research. 

In 2015/2016 we decided to give a structure to our entire path and start a new adventure, that was the birth of Subradeon. Later the creation of the our label, completely self-financed.




Where do you draw from to get new music? / What is your musical exploration process?

Music research does not start from the platform or the tool, but from music itself. We are very curious and open, we discover music all the time, a bit everywhere: from the record stores, to Discogs, Youtube and why not also

Spotify, which is widely criticized but personally I believe it’s a powerful one for the discovery of new artists. What is really important is to have your ears always wide open and a curious attitude towards all kinds of music. At home, in fact, you can listen to everything at 360 degrees. From jazz to funk soul, hip hop, broken beats, house up to techno.





3 Qualities that all DJs should have in your opinion and why

 I believe that a good DJ must have personality, character. A good taste and great musical knowledge, moreover a lot of technique, which today is missing to most of self-proclaimed “dj”. You have to study every day and train yourself, this is the true secret to be good. Knowing how to “read” the dance floor with empathy is very important too and it is not for everyone. You gotta work on it 🙂



What has the pandemic meant for you? What impact did it had on your personal life?

Today I can look back at the last year and a half and say that the pandemic has had positive effects on my life, even if, as for many, it was not by no means a simple period.I took advantage of the general slowness to work on

myself and to think about the real priorities of my life. Obviously the loneliness kicked in at one point but luckily I was always able to find company in the music! 

Creatively it was a rather heavy period, without motivations and inspirations. 

However, despite the very few contacts with the outside world, we managed to release 3 vinyls, of which we are very proud.




What do you think of clubs and discos closed due to the pandemic? Positive and negative aspects from your point of view.

Unfortunately, the music industry has suffered some very serious damages due to the pandemic, it’s been a really tough year and a half. Fortunately here in Berlin some help has arrived and people hope we will slowly start again, with the appropriate safety standards. What we hope is to see more young talents on the dj booths, those who never gave up and continued working on their own music. Let’s see!


3 names of producers or DJs that inspire you

Our music is very clearly inspired by the Detroit giants, like

Robert Hood, UR and DJ Bone. 

Another great producer is Dj Nasty aka Detroit’s

Filthiest firing bombs all the time. 

Among the new emerging talents there are definitely Volpe and CS13 which are doing great lately! We often play their music.


Future projects, are you working on something specific at the moment?

At the moment we are trying to redirect our energies by working on new music and perhaps a little unusual and different from everything we released so far. The fourth release of our label is already planned and for all the rest, we await the reopening of clubs where we will finally be able to

listen to all the good music that has come out in the last year and a half the proper way.

Thank you once again guys and enjoy the mixtape.

Always spreading good vibes only!




Subradeon Records














Giulio Maresca emerged in the Roman electronic music scene through different projects.

In 2006 he started his own project Ipologica with Fabio Sestili exploring electronic music in all it’s genres from ambient experimental to deeper grooves.

Later he focused his work on techno music and he was resident at two of the most important techno events like Glucose and Container Project.

He is involved in artistic installations, audio/video performances, solo and group live performance and dj sets, he works as Ableton Live teacher and music composer for video and has experience as radio speaker and editor at Nea Radio (Brancaleone), Container Radio and Artificial Intelligence on Rai Radio Live.

His style is refine but powerful, deep and groovy; his solo project is techno oriented but he also collaborates as producer and performer with other artists and groups exploring different genres from electronic pop (Hack) to classical and jazz music (Ramin BahramiMartux M, Danilo Rea).

As producer released on label such Auditorium Parco della Musica, Biorecordings, Naked LunchLabrynth, M_Rec Digital, Resiliens, Crs,  Codec, and many more and shared the consolle with artists such: Paula Temple, RegisDonato Dozzy, Sunil Sharpe, AnD, Deetron, Bas Mooy, Dasha Rush, Joey Beltram, The Analogue Cops just to name few.




How / When / Why did you start playing?

I owe everything to Remix, the historic Roman record shop, there I discovered electronic music and I fell in love with it, I learned to mix with Freddy K with whom I discovered the world of techno and vinyl. Why I don’t know, it was a very natural thing, I couldn’t do without it.




Where do you draw from to get new music? / What is your musical exploration process?

The internet is definitely a great resource, I often go to Bandcamp to look for new music. In my opinion, however, even if unfortunately I don’t do it much anymore, the best thing is to go to a record shop, take the time to get lost among the vinyls and listen to artists and labels that you do not know, get advice and exchange opinions with shopkeepers and other customers.




3 Qualities that all DJs should have in your opinion and why

Three qualities in particular I don’t know, I think that empathy is very important to get in touch with the public, the desire to have fun is important to be able to entertain others and transmit positive vibes (pass me the term). Being ready for anything, it can happen that you miss a step by mistake or due to a technical failure, it can happen that you don’t have the track you imagined before the evening, the important thing for me is to find a solution and not lose motivation in front of such “problems”, the club is also entertainment so you have to be able to do your “duty” in different situations. Technique and musical selection are obviously extremely important, but they are not everything!



What has the pandemic meant for you? What impact did it had on your personal life?

I’ll be short 😉 The first lockdown in some ways was positive, despite the general fear and despair, I was able to find sides of myself that I didn’t know, I became more organized at work and musically explored many genres, somehow I got rid of some schematics I followed.

Phase two, on the other hand, I would say was a disaster! Now the worst is over …



What do you think of clubs and discos closed due to the pandemic? Positive and negative aspects from your point of view.

From a business and economic point of view it was obviously a disaster, the whole entertainment sector was hit very hard. Fortunately, problems and issues related to the sector have risen to the surface that perhaps we will begin to solve. Socially, needless to say, it was a let down for everyone, the club is a place of entertainment but also of culture, socialization, exchange. Wanting to see the positive side of it, we probably had the opportunity to reflect, perhaps, on some consolidated dynamics that are no longer sustainable.



3 names of producers or DJs that inspire you

Those that inspire me straight away: Birds Ov Paradise, Sebastian Mullaert, Marco Shuttle.


Future projects, are you working on something specific at the moment?

Future projects are related mainly to Ipologica, we are relaunching the label and working on sound design and sync.

Regarding my music, for some time now I have been expanding horizons also thanks to the collaboration with the partner Pentesilea who always pushes me towards “pop”, I am collaborating with the band Hack with which we released the first single “Flares” a short time ago and with the visual artist LiZ, with her recently we have done two audio video projects produced by Ipologica and FLxER in which musically I have pushed myself beyond my comfort zone, I am working on new sounds that deviate from techno and some productions will be released in the coming months. I won’t stop producing and playing techno, just to make it clear 😉












Andrea Cavallaro, art director & project manager in a Cheval disguise.

Andrea Cavallaro, began his musical and artistic research path 20 years ago by exploring the house and techno electronic scene, as a selector behind the moniker Cheval, booker, founder of Musiculture agency and since 2010 artistic curator of events that interact transversely through art, music, urban redevelopment and cultural regeneration.

Among the latest projects, “Ortigia Sound System”, a music festival of European caliber, in which he held the role of General Manager, currently the art director of Opera Festival.

Crate digger, DJ and investigator of the contemporary electronic scene, without limits of beats, genres and frequencies.




How / When / Why did you start playing?

Hi BH, hi Tomasssso, first of all thanks for having me.

My relationship with the world of clubbing began at the age of eighteen, when I started working as a PR (Party Promoter) in Sicilian discos between Taormina and Catania.

After a few years, we are in the mid-2000s, I had set up my formats/parties and brought them

around the clubs and discos of Sicily’s eastern coast.

In those years my agency “Musiculture” was also born with which I started the booking agent business.

I started playing in 2011. In those years I was living in Rome and I was curating the artistic direction and development of Animal Social Club.

At first for fun, then more for curiosity, I started to become familiar with the dj booth and turntables.

I was stimulated by the idea of ​​saying something, of transmitting emotions through my selection,

having people close to me on my own journey, in addition to being fun, playful, it gave me a

great energy.




Where do you draw from to get new music? / What is your musical exploration process?

Basically there are labels that I follow according to the different scenes I am interested in and from which I draw my inspiration from for my sets, mostly without boundaries of genres.

If your main occupation is project management of a music festival for obvious reasons

musical exploration is part of your daily tasks and workflow.

That’s what happened to me until last 2019 when I had the role of General Manager for Ortigia

Sound System Festival. This has been one of my main activities, so most of the musical listening and exploration  has been linked to the creation of the artistic and aesthetic lines of this

event, and which for obvious reasons also ended up influencing my research.

Playlists, radio shows, mixtapes give you the opportunity to discover a lot of music, and then the record stores and second hand markets that complete the search process.




3 Qualities that all DJs should have in your opinion and why

Humbleness, sensibility, technique.

We assume that being a DJ has a playful component, and it is no coincidence that the English term “play” is used also when related to toys.

But it’s obvious that today the figure of the DJ has taken over a well-identified role in the world of

music industry, which in fact follows the logic dictated by promotion, communication, production and everything that was behind a rock star, or band until a few decades ago: the DJ has become the new rock star.

Thanks to technology, the world of djing is now way more accessible to everyone, but this does not allow people to forget the origins of this craft.

Personally I grew up with the figure of the resident DJ in clubs and therefore I believe that today the market is enormously inflated on the one hand, on the other rich of new contaminations, ideas, exchanges, comparisons and curiosities, which allow to enrich the path of

artistic growth, but this cannot be separated from an adequate technique.

I also believe that one of the fundamental qualities for a DJ is the sensibility to understand and read the dancefloor at their best, and this is a skill that is built over time, with experience and in the most random situations.


What has the pandemic meant for you? What impact did it had on your personal life?

Good question 🙂 It is complex to give an answer on the impact it had on my personal life

because events have happened that have completely changed my daily life, my affections and

friendship. Stopping for so long gave me the opportunity to reflect on all the work done in the past

years and understand how to project myself into the near future, rediscover domestic affections, forgotten places, appreciate the historical and naturalistic side of an island such as Sicily.

My activities, not just the one of djing, since the beginning of the pandemic revolved around the concept of aggregation, entertainment and events. Marketing and communication activities have always been linked to the world of events and therefore like many did in my case, I had to deal with a system of welfare obsolete and inadequate to understand the role of cultural planning and of the 

figures involved.

It has been an opportunity together with other colleagues who organize festivals in Sicily, to understand the role of similar organizations, to analyze the activities and numbers, talk about the enhancement of the territory and incoming tourists.

A work that led in a short time to create a new Association of Sicilian festivals, called Sicilia Festivals with the ambitious task of helping the festival system in Sicily and of which I was a founder.

On the one hand there were no events, nor the possibility to play but on the other hand I had more time to elaborate, plan and better organize the future activities.



What do you think of clubs and discos closed due to the pandemic? Positive and negative aspects from your point of view.

The negative aspects are related to the economic difficulties of thousands of workers who have stayed at home: promoters, djs and entrepreneurs who have seen costs rise in the face of closures and the impossibility of generating revenues.

One of the positive aspects was that finally the entire entertainment sector realized that Italy had accumulated decades of backwardness compared to other European countries where clubs and electronic music venues have been fully recognized as part of the cultural heritage. Our country needs a major reform, in my opinion, linked to the recognition of new culture hubs. It is unthinkable that Italy still recognizes only opera, jazz or songwriters music as musical fields that contribute to the cultural sector of the country.

Finally it seems that something is moving in this direction and festivals and clubs despite having completely different business models are finding points of common interest in order to save this industry.

Another positive aspect that I think should be emphasized is the value of culture in the daily life of the individuals. As soon as it was not possible to group up for any form of entertainment we understood how important this component is in everyone’s life.



3 names of producers or DJs that inspire you

Prins Thomas, Andrew Weatherall, Ben Ufo.


Future projects, are you working on something specific at the moment?

As mentioned, I have never stopped designing and for a year now I have been working on a

new project called OPERA  

Last summer Opera was a traveling radio tour that retraced the Sicilian festival cities,

 since no music festival was allowed: OSS (Ortigia), Milazzo (Mish Mash), Marsala, Castellammare

del Golfo (Djoon), San Vito lo Capo (Mondo Sound), Catania (Ricci Weekender), all sponsored by Sicilia Festivals.

Opera Radio Tour takes its inspiration from the “Opera dei Pupi”, a show that started at the beginning of the 20th century, it consisted in a  traveling caravan that animated Sicilian squares and plazas. 

Similarly I imagined the tour of the Web Radio as the traveling caravan that revives the Sicilian squares in the post-Covid era, enriching the cultural offer of destinations in a process of artistic creation with local organizations.

From OPERA, last December, a side project was born: Opera Series, a series of

musical performances adapted in natural contexts which aims to re-discover some of the most beautiful territories that Sicily has to offer, mixing the artificial complexity of a musical performance with the natural beauty of Mediterranean landscapes.


Here the first episode with Cratere Centrale’s set in the location of Radice Pura between the Giarre-Riposto area and here the second episode with Beercock’s performance in Milo.


A few months ago I launched my communication agency: Fare +.

Among the future projects: for the summer of 2021 I am working on the first edition of the OPERA festival which will take place in Milo.

Opera Festival is inspired by “Genesi”, Franco Battiato’s lyric masterpiece staged in 1987. On the weekends from 27th to 29th August and from 3rd to 5th September in Milo, the charming village on the slopes of Etna where the maestro spent most of his life.

Here’s the line up for the live acts related both weekends:

27 – 29 August:

Alfio Antico, Chassol, Davide Shorty & Straniero Band, Dj Gruff & Gavino Murgia, Ginevra Nervi, Joan Thiele, My Friend Dario and Sergio Beercock.

3 – 5 September:

Alessio Bondì, Aura Safari, Club Rivera, Lahasna, Miss Keta & i DPCM, Nicola Cruz, Nu Genea and Shingai.

See you on Mount Etna by the end of August !!












MINOS is an Italian/Colombian techno and electro producer based in London. Her music blends complex drum-work with rich and powerful synth harmonies, built on the foundation of her background as a classical pianist. With influences that range from synth music legends – notably Depeche Mode and Jean Michael Jarre – to underground masters such as E.R.P. and Shedbug, MINOS’ tracks are designed to transport listeners to an alternate and immersive reality, one in which introspection is fused with fantasy. This is certainly the case with her debut EP, Compose Urself, which is dropping on June 18 via the New York label, Abu Recordings. MINOS’ electrifying DJ performances – which have seen her open for such acts as Harrison BDP, Paleman and DJ Aakmael – continue to captivate audiences across the globe: from New York, to London, to Dubai and San Juan and beyond.




How / When / Why did you start playing?

I was always obsessed with music and I was classically trained as a pianist. It was when I moved to Manchester in 2015 that I really discovered electronic music and its divine magic. I learned to produce and to DJ and I became obsessed with that amazing feeling you get when you’re gigging and you take a crowd on a fabulous journey and they love it and they’re happy and you’re happy and you all enter this happiness vortex and together forget about the rest of the world for a sec. That’s how the MINOS journey began!





Where do you draw from to get new music? / What is your musical exploration process?

The universe has a crazy way of bringing new and amazing music into my life. But one of my main sources of musical inspiration has always been my friends (and my dad, gracias Rodri <3). I’ve been blessed with so many people around me with amazing taste in music and when they share it with me is when I feel happiest and most inspired.



3 Qualities that all DJs should have in your opinion and why

Firstly, a DJ should be versatile and resourceful. Like a ninja. A gig can either be like the hunger games or like Project X. A good DJ will be prepared for everything!

Secondly, a DJ should be intuitive. Good DJs are like mind-readers. They’ll immediately know where your energy level is at and they’ll know what to do with it. This makes them like omnipotent wizards. They can bend you to their will and influence your mood, your physiology, your behavior, your understanding of yourself and of existence, and you won’t even realize they’re doing it. They’ll just hit you with some musical sorcery and determine how your night will go and where you’ll end up. All depends how they’re feeling.

Lastly, a DJ should be a fun-loving party animal. How will a DJ make your night awesome if they don’t know the meaning of this!


What has the pandemic meant for you? What impact did it had on your personal life?

I feel like a completely different person since the pandemic started. It gave me the time to slow down, reflect, develop and evolve. It was during the lockdowns that I was able to finally complete my debut EP, Compose Urself, which came out on June 18th via Abu Recordings! I need to shut myself in a room for weeks in order to finish a track that I’m happy with so the pandemic was great for that. MINOS really came to life while everything outside was dead.



What do you think of clubs and discos closed due to the pandemic? Positive and negative aspects from your point of view.

 It’s been so long, I forgot what clubbing or being at a live gig feels like. But, I’ll tell you something, dear friends. DJs and performers everywhere have been busy creating some crazy shit and practicing their asses off for when everything opens up again. It’s going to be a renaissance fused with anarchy. It’s going to be intense, so compose yourselves;)




3 names of producers or DJs that inspire you

I have so many inspirations from so many different genres! But 3 producers whose sounds are inspiring me a lot at this very moment are Minor Science, E.R.P., and Theo Parrish. I would give anything to sit in a studio with these magicians.


Future projects, are you working on something specific at the moment?

London has been super inspiring lately and I’m currently working hard on my next EP, which I’ll also release via Abu Recordings. The vibe will be similar to my previous EP, but with some refinements and developments, I’ll see how far I can push the boundaries. Apart from that I can’t fucking wait for all the gigs when the world goes back to normal. See you all on the dance floor!!!















Lola Kay,  Dj and Producer, born and raised in Minsk, Belarus, currently Barcelona resident.

 Being relatively fresh on the scene she already has proven her skills behind the decks, earned residency in a few important Radio Stations such as Barcelona City Fm, Beats2Dance (Netherlands), did guest mix for Room Fm, radiostations in Ibiza, Argentina, UK etc

Her sets are pure energy, percussive, full of acid sounds and dirty bass lines they  seamlessly travel in-between many genres: techno, trance, breaks, electro etc etc  Her signature sound is inspired by Berlin and Detroit Techno, 90s old school techno tracks, trance and always 303 sound ☺ .“For me the important thing on the dance floor is energy, not the genre of music. If it moves you, if it touches you, that’s all that matters”

The ability to instantly connect with the room and deliver quality sets already established her as a beloved regular and crowd favorite in emblematic Barcelona’s venues: City Hall, Sala Apolo, Sala Upload, Sala Bikini, Metro Disco etc .

” I want to make people feel love, excitement, inspiration, tears of joy – all that with the right music at the right time for the right people. “




How / When / Why did you start playing?

I started playing very early, when I didn’t even know the name for it. At the age 11 I just loved to throw little parties with friends after school, and I was always in charge of music. It came naturally to me. Then I got into dancing and music went to the second plan but never disappeared. 8 years ago I came back to it and I’m very happy I did.





Where do you draw from to get new music? / What is your musical exploration process?

My music digging process is very random, I just keep my eyes and ears open at all times. Digging new vinyls, listening podcasts and streamings, listening to other djs, spotify, curiously Instagram too 🙂  Normally If I like the sound of one producer I dig deeper and dig his/her inspirations etc It’s a very interesting process. I enjoy it very much and sometimes can pass days just digging and digging, listening, getting inspired.


3 Qualities that all DJs should have in your opinion and why

For me 1st is to remember that Djing is about music and feeling and not about you. It’s about creating this special moments on the dancefloor.

Being open to experiment, with different genres, different energies, not to be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. Lots of Djs are playing very safely and it gets very boring sometimes.

Constantly work on your craft, develop music taste, evolve.


What has the pandemic meant for you? What impact did it had on your personal life?

I think this pandemic made us reflect on what’s actually important and necessary in our lives. How important is to be around right people, your family, to feel good. For me it was deep profound understanding of who I am, what I want, who I want it with and what I miss and need the most.



What do you think of clubs and discos closed due to the pandemic? Positive and negative aspects from your point of view.

Club culture is the one that suffered most this pandemic. And I think it’s important that we make everything possible to help to save it. Governments don’t think that it’s essential. I think it’s outrages that the music industry was blamed for spreading the virus when we could clearly see the results of multiple experiments and different events being save spaces.



3 names of producers or DJs that inspire you

It’s a very tough one…  The list is long. But I will try ☺ 

Hector Oaks

Dr Rubinsten



Future projects, are you working on something specific at the moment?

Lots of exciting new projects are coming ☺ Currently working on my first EP, want it to be out by summer. New very interesting collabs, that will be announced very soon. And waiting for pandemic to be over and continue with our project KRAFT  – new Techno Queer Party in Barcelona.

DJ set:


DJ set 2 :


Dj Set 3 :















Lucio is an ordinary boy originally from Palagonia, iItaly, always grateful for what he has in life and happy to be listened to.

Over time he has seen his interest for music of all kinds grow and in recent years has decided to share his musical project with everyone thanks to the support of channels such as EELF, Moskalus and Local Request 4991 whose main goal is to give the possibility to be heard to upcoming producers.

Moreover he actively participates in the agronomic management of the family’s citrus and orange production. He alternates studying and musical production for continuous personal growth driven by the desire to learn and sincere humbleness.



How / When / Why did you start playing?

I started when I was 14 more or less, when I bought my first console, I have always liked electronic music and from 2017 onwards I dedicated myself to music production. Then, supported by some friends, I decided to release my music publicly.





Where do you draw from to get new music? / What is your musical exploration process?

I used to record the events I attended of my favourite djs and I’ve gathered quite a lot, especially of events in Sicily or in general in Italy. Therefore I first listened to them and then I looked for the tracks that I liked, over time I discovered many YouTube channels that publish music from both famous artists and emerging or unknown artists and every day I try to get some time to search for new music.


3 Qualities that all DJs should have in your opinion and why

In my opinion, these are the qualities that every person must have: humbleness, the desire to learn, respect for others in every situation.


What has the pandemic meant for you? What impact did it had on your personal life?

The pandemic for me as for everyone I think, it has all been about sacrifice, that we are still making especially here in Italy. It brought a lot of problems to surface, luckily we continued working in the town where I live (Palagonia), since the main sector is agriculture and activities connected to it. While, on the personal life there have been relationships that have strengthened and others that have loosened, nut you know what they say, that’s life!


What do you think of clubs and discos closed due to the pandemic? Positive and negative aspects from your point of view.

Actually I think it is the right choice, but personally, I cannot imagine a strategy that can guarantee the safety of people in large venues as stadiums etc.. I also try to understand club’s managers position who have made so many efforts over time and who without concrete help while being closed saw their sacrifices vanished day by day.



3 names of producers or DJs that inspire you

Definitely dj poolboi, a guy who has seen so many and deserves all the success he’s going through. The Chemical Brothers with whom I’m in love since I was a child. Finally, Baltra, to which my productions are inspired.


Future projects, are you working on something specific at the moment?

Let’s say that I try to manage myself in two parallel lives, on one hand I am about to degree in Agricultural Science and Technology in Catania’s University, I hope to be able to carry out some of my projects in agriculture and to better manage the production of my “blood” oranges. On the other hand I dream, as all young lads like me do, to be able to continue publish my music, maybe one day with those record labels that I’ve always admired, in order to perform live and share my music with all the people that love this kind of style.





Apple Music:












Softskills is a DJ and electronic music producer from Barcelona. He was a resident DJ in several venues where he has shared the stage with some of the most desired international artists. His musical talent led him to play in many incredible venues around the magical island of Ibiza such as Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Club, Eden Ibiza, La Plage, Plastik Beach Club, Ushuaïa Tower, etc. With boundless energy and boundless enthusiasm for the scene, he has performed with famous artists such as Maceo Plex, Odd Parents, Seth Troxler, Art Department, Luciano, Luna City Express, Timo Maas, Chris Liebing, Adam Beyer, Los Pastores, Gianni Callipari , Los Suruba and many others. Softskills is famous for his mixing and ability to choose a melody and when it is his turn to play on turntables, the crowd knows that the energy and atmosphere of the club will rise to another level.




How / When / Why did you start playing?

At 16/17 I started playing hip hop, rock and music of the time with friends just for fun and curiosity, later we started listening to underground electronic music like Drum & Bass, Hardtek, Ragga Jungle and Psy-trance and when we were 19 we already mounted the “Odd” party not entirely legal in Catalonia haha 🙂 That gave us a lot of musical culture and experience and, from time to time, we would have gigs in clubs around Barcelona, and little by little, a hobby transformed into something else and without realizing it you are playing in some wonderful place surrounded by good company, and in the end I think that’s why I do it.

Maybe another day I will tell you about my Ibizan experience!




Where do you draw from to get new music? / What is your musical exploration process?

The truth is: everywhere! 

Especially Spotify or Bandcamp, every day I am fascinated by more and more artists that are undiscovered with magnificent music and you can find them anywhere, both on the networks and on the street. You have to always keep your ear open because you never know, most of my Shazam songs are from the car radio




What has the pandemic meant for you? What impact did it had on your personal life?

It has been an important reset in everyone’s life, I think, after living in this strange situation for so long, we must look for the positive side, in my case it has helped me a lot to get to know my family and close friends even more. It’s something that during a normal year is way more difficult since our night life limits us a lot when it comes to being together or sharing moments and this year has been for that. Although I hope everything returns to normal and we can celebrate as soon as possible.



What do you think of clubs and discos closed due to the pandemic? Positive and negative aspects from your point of view.

I think it was a necessity at the beginning, of course, for the safety reasons etc, it’s normal, what does not seem normal to me is that after a whole year without help many of them have had to close and the governments treat them as if they were the biggest problem.

There is a lot of politics involved within what happens in general and it is always a bit tricky to talk about all this, I just hope it happens quickly and we can somehow give support and help so that clubs can safely reopen in order for us to enjoy them again. We deserve it.



3 names of producers or DJs that inspire you

Ethodi Hristov, Beckers / D-Nox, Citizen Kain.

These three artists always appear in my sets at some point or another haha they always mark a before and after mixing, they are energetic and melodic which is exactly my favorite style or the one I jump the most to


Future projects, are you working on something specific at the moment?

Right now we have activity in Tulum with ‘La Aso’ with whom I joined last year and they are an exceptional family with a great future and with great projects underway, my brother is also preparing a project in Dubai that we hope will be underway in October with which I am going to collaborate.

It’s a bit strange because when you create a project today you’re in a kind of a limbo depending on the conditions and restrictions of the country and the governments.

Of course, ideas and desire are not lacking. 🙂













Sicilian-born, UK-based DJ and producer Clafrica has been heavily influenced by the dub and reggae sounds from a very early age and the geographical proximity to Africa allowed him to soak in the various cultures that exist in Sicily – moulding him into the musician that he is today. Owing his first musical exposure to the Space Jam soundtrack and 90s basketball video games, as well as his first time seeing a DJ courtside at the And1 Mixtape European tour, Clafrica’s love of both music and basketball have always gone hand in hand. After honing his craft as a DJ and studio engineer from as early as 12 years old, and moving from Sicily to Edinburgh in 2010 to further his studies of sound design, Clafrica has emerged as a certified production mad scientist and studio boffin in his own right. Fast forward to 2019, Clafrica emerged as one of the most exciting new producers on the scene with a string of releases on labels such as Axe On Wax, Vakum, Deep&Roll, and Perpetua. Fast forward, he makes his Darker Than Wax debut with Never Not Balling – a dazzling sonic exploration of nostalgia, vintage circuits, and basketball. At every point in his discography, Clafrica’s sonic depth and stylish approach is on display, driven by raw and unrelenting dance music energy.




How / When / Why did you start playing?

I developed a passion and an ear for music from a young age; I’d be making pause tapes, recording songs from the radio with my dad’s hi-fi tape recorder the machines. The first time I experienced DJing came about through basketball; my dad took me to the And1 Mixtape European tour live where they had DJs court side with the mighty announcer Duke Tango and thought it was the coolest thing ever. I even went to ask for a track ID that ended up being Busta Rhymes – Turn it up lol. Sharing music on Internet wasn’t really a thing yet so I mainly got introduced to new music through movies and video games soundtracks. In particular basketball games always had the best rap songs, so my love for sports and music always went hand to hand. After that And1 experience I got some belt drive turntables at 13 and taught me how to use them while buying my first records in a local store; the next year I had my jump start in the reggae and dancehall local scene opening up for headlining djs and built up my reputation. The thing that mainly drove me to Djing was being able to be a part of a community and meet likeminded people who shared the same interests as you. As I studied more and gained more experience it became more about sharing my music knowledge to others while also seeing their reaction; the most fun thing now is having the immediate feedback, which is extremely cool to see when your playing your own productions like I did in my latest live sets.



Where do you draw from to get new music? / What is your musical exploration process?

I would say I discover the best new music mostly through Instagram or Bandcamp as I can navigate through a network of music makers that I discovered overtime and be instantly updated on what’s new with them. Unfortunately I have to say I don’t spend nearly enough time searching for other people’s music as I’m busy making my own most of the time.



3 Qualities that all DJs should have in your opinion and why

Humbleness; I wish more deejays would keep their ego in check and make it about the music instead of themselves; many are in it for the spotlight and the exposure but doing a service to the music and the audience is what matters the most.

Persistency: it’s easy now to pick up Djing or production but who’s gonna actually be dedicated to the craft, study the ins and outs and not give up on it? Let’s see if you still here in 10 years time.

Be open to everything; Unless you’re gonna play all mainstream music which is all garbage anyway, you’re gonna have to dig all the underground people in dance music so you can let people know there’s better stuff out there to be discovered.




What has the pandemic meant for you? What impact did it had on your personal life?

The pandemic brought a chance to slow down and reflect and take the time to retool for the future. I started taking piano lessons, studying music theory and that helped tremendously, especially psychologically.

Creatively I’ve been struggling to find the motivation to finish tracks especially last year with all the deaths and the social injustice stuff in the States it was a bit rough to really focus on personal stuff ; although I’m definitely privileged, I have a roof on my head, food on my plate and I’m able to make music so I definitely count my blessings.


3 names of producers or DJs that inspire you

Zopelar Byron the aquarius knxwledge They’re the ones I follow the most, all of their production styles inspire me and push me to turn on the machines at night.

Future projects, are you working on something specific at the moment?

Al the moment I’m not working on anything specific production wise but I’m doing the sound mixing of different short films; tracks will always be made but I’m mostly working on my piano studies as I want to make very different music in the future and hopefully become a jazz pianist in the next five years; I don’t want to grow old making ghetto house if you know what I mean.









Coming from the world of art and performance with more than 12 years spent studying ballet, Erica Menei is the kind of deejay that love mixing sounds and experiment behind the deejay booth.


She was born and lives in Rome where in 2011 she began to collaborate with Wonder Wet Records, record label and booking agency of two great industry professionals, Sergio Picciaredda and Attilio Tucci. After this experience she decided to invest in her growth as a professional producer, by studying the basics of composition for electronic music.


Co-Owner and A&R of Talkischeap Records, the label was founded in 2013, in the same year her first EP – The Ghosts Are Gone.


From 2015 to 2019 Erica is also one of the resident DJs of the She Made family, an all-female project born within the walls of the historic Rashomon Club, landmark of Roman clubbing. Goa Club resident party in 2017/18 season, also passing through Fabric in London and Golden Gate in Berlin.


Among the latest and most important collaborations for Erica are: Sanctuary of Rome, Volt Club of Milan,  Polifonic (Alternate Festival 2020) and its EP ” Jizho ”, vinyl only, released last September on Roof Records.




How / When / Why did you start playing?

I was 18 years old and I worked in a local radio station, in Rome, where I was actually involved in football but I already had a
great passion for music, I already attended some clubs and electronic music attracted me, I also grew up doing ballet as my mother worked at the Opera since before I was born.
By attending the radio I had the opportunity to ” tweak ” for the first time with a console. From there it was a succession of
events, the most important meeting certainly being the one with Sergio Picciaredda and Attilio Tucci, the Altarboys, who took me with them and taught me a lot about this profession. Both on a practical and human level. With them also my first djset. I am very grateful to him.



Where do you draw from to get new music? / What is your musical exploration process?

Before the pandemic certainly the greatest source of inspiration came from attending festivals, clubs, events, record shops, in simple words, all the places where you could breathe music, share those moments and then hear what remains most yours, or that you would like to make yours.

Outside of events, however, I have always listened to everything, and I think it is important not to stick to a specific genre of music, there are many nuances, this helped me so much to complete my DJ sets, moreover I try to keep this in mind every time I do my personal music productions.

Right now, after a period of almost total refusal towards listening and searching for music (immediately after the first lockdown) I listen to many dj sets and podcasts on web radio platforms and spend, even if honestly much less than before, a good part of the day on online music stores.


3 Qualities that all DJs should have in your opinion and why

First of all, humbleness.

Essential quality in any field, in my opinion.

Specifically, a DJ should never feel above his/her colleagues or the audience he has in front. In both cases there is always a lot to learn.

Second, curiosity.

I consider curiosity a gift, therefore a quality. Without this, I believe there are no basics for this profession. So curiosity for old music, for new music, for trends, for techniques, curiosity in knowing other people, which was (and I hope will be again) a fundamental element of this work.

Third, patience.

Patience because it’s a job that requires time, dedication, sometimes let’s face it, even luck, but it is also a passion that if you don’t stop feeding, sooner or later will pay off. Even if it was just one night in your entire life, but the right one from start to finish, you will feel it will be worth it.


What has the pandemic meant for you? What impact did it had on your personal life?

As I said before, at the beginning of the pandemic, a year ago now, I had a sort of refusal even only towards listening to music.

That’s because I think I was very angry, I took it almost personally. I saw everything in which I had put my commitment, trust, hope, effort, years collapsed … Now it makes me smile to think about it, we have all lived the exact same thing. It made me angry to see how the clubs were immediately labeled as ” the evil ” of this system. But this is another topic that falls more into the culture of our country (Italy), still way too far from what clubbing actually represents.

However, as in all things, man seeks survival and I must say that once I made peace with my restlessness, I took this ” opportunity ” to look deeper in myself and understand if I was really going in right direction.


What do you think of clubs and discos closed due to the pandemic? Positive and negative aspects from your point of view.

Well, honestly I don’t see positive aspects, they clearly cannot be open as long as the emergency persists, but a closed club is lost work for many people, it is a dead passion, it is a lack in musical culture. And as I said, the prejudices for this sector are still too alive. I hope that the reopening, as soon as possible, will be an opportunity to enhance everyone and everything related to club culture, from the main element: music, to every person who works behind it.



3 names of producers or DJs that inspire you

I really appreciate the style of Paula Tape, the music of Bella Boo, Fantastic Man, Leo Pol, Chaos in the CBD and the whole world of Studio Barnhus.


Future projects, are you working on something specific at the moment?

At the moment, thanks to the guys of “Sanctuary” in Rome, I have the opportunity to play dj sets almost every weekend, and I must say I am very grateful for this because it helped me to find some motivation and it allows me to experiment with different sounds, as it is not focused exclusively on “club music”.

Sounds that have also encouraged me, for example, to start some productions with different sounds compared to my last EP Erica Menei – Jizho









Tomasssso on Mirko Fanciullo:

“I know Mirko since a while now, and I just have to admit he’s one of a kind human being. His simplicity and originality at the same time, are the two adjectives that may better describe him the most.

From his look to his records, everything he belongs is a door to a much much deeper rabbit hole, and  I mean EVERYTHING.

As a record collector myself, let me tell you his collection is pretty amazing, he has a special and rich section dedicated to Italty and Brazil from the 70s till first 90s, and that’s where the golden pot is! Moreover he is the curator of  @viniledelgiorno a true jewel for diggers.

His dj sets are just memorable, ranging from classy house to Italodisco, topped with the most rare hits from the past from HipHop to Soul, and all of this while truely enjoying the vibe he creates. He’s also a curator and collaborator of some of the coolest events on the east coast of Sicily like Moro Festival and many more.”



How / When / Why did you start playing?
I was in Rome with my best friend at the time, Lorenzo, and we walk into this record store where I see the vinyl of one of my favorite tracks: Gil Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson – The Bottle.
Before I could even realize, my friend already paid for it, only problem was I didn’t had a record player at the time.

So from there I wanted to listen to my record, obviously, I started searching for a record player and then a second record payer. It rapidly brought me to start a record collection, and consequently to mix records between them.






Where do you draw from to get new music? / What is your musical exploration process?
I’ve been a huge fan of American music in general for several years, and I learned a lot from it.

But currently I’m trying not get too strict in following a specific musical genre, I purely rely on what a simple second hand market can offer me in terms of records, pure randomness!



3 Qualities that all DJs should have in your opinion and why

I honestly believe that there is just one quality that not only djs, but artists in general, should master to the maximum possible extent: the ability to read your public and act consequently.




What has the pandemic meant for you? What impact did it had on your personal life?
As all artists, what made me suffer the most was the absence of any kind of physical public to perform for.



What do you think of clubs and discos closed due to the pandemic? Positive and negative aspects from your point of view.

I don’t think there is any positive aspect related to clubs and bars shut down due to the pandemic.





3 names of producers or DJs that inspire you
Moodymann, Theo Parrish and Dez Andres… I’m a Detroit lover!




Future projects, are you working on something specific at the moment?

Unfortunately due to the current pandemic I’m only able to continue what I do through podcasts like this one, which I love to do every now and then.