Today Maximilien Pellegrini an independent Graphic Designer based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. In parallel, He teaches graphic design at the Academie de Meuron.

MASK — Architects & design

Maximilien Pellegrini

 My approach is to use the specificities offered by architecture as a tool to create a close analogy between graphic design and architecture, a parallel with the general form and the reader’s experiences. To do this, I thought and conceived the book as an architectural piece in itself, a house, a physical construction, offering to the reader the possibility to live a spatial and temporal experience through the rhythms of the sequences and the structure of the editorial composition.

The book is an articulation of images and texts, beginning with an entrance, a hall where there is an additional folder (a leporello) used as an index, an inventory of the contents. The latter oscillates between expected and unexpected, always with the aim of bringing the reader into a defined space-time. To proceed I designed a rigorous system where the reader is able to discover the various «floors», grouping all the typologies of architecture through diagrams, plans, to 3D renderings. This monograph presents the projects of architecture, design products, along with the theoretical and philosophical missions of the studio MASK Architects & Design since 2014.