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Studio de Ronners is a creative agency for online and offline communication, design and concepting. Based in Rotterdam (NL) & Antwerp (BE).


BNO (Association of Dutch Designers) is the largest community of designers and design agencies in the Netherlands. While the organisation has been standing up for designers’ rights for over a century, there are still too many people who are unfamiliar with their practice. Out of all designers, they asked us to help them reach the designers’ community. A great place to start was the Dutch Design Week, the largest design event in Northern Europe. Here we presented the BNO to the visiting designers through a number of bold statements.


In order to reach the critical audience of designers, we designed pieces of eye candy. We placed bold statements on brightly coloured backgrounds, turning humble flyers into iconic design objects. Each flyer presents a statement and together they summarise the main characteristics of the BNO.


Flatten The Curve

Bored yet? We’re not! This period of self-isolation is sparking our creativity. One of the outcomes of this creative outburst was our design for the poster project #staysanestaysafe , a project initiated by studio Lennart & de Bruijn.


In our design we communicate one clear message: stay home to help flatten the curve. And while you’re at it, flatten some other curves as well! By doing household chores, you can flatten the folds in your clothing, the bumps in your lawn, etc. We decided to spread a humorous message on this serious subject, because we need to stay positive in these challenging times!




The International Architecture Biennial Rotterdam (IABR) deals with urgent questions about the climate and our living environment. Architects as well as designers and politicians are challenged to think about the future. Things really need to change, but how? We came up with a clear and convincing way to communicate the IABR’s serious yet relevant themes by thinking radically and optimistically.

Radical Optimism

The 8th edition of the IABR was titled ‘THE MISSING LINK – Our Future in the Delta, the Delta of the Future’. Our challenge was to attract the attention of a wide audience. We came up with ‘Radical Optimism’ as the title for our publicity campaign while thinking of the Dutch anti-nuclear movement and their classic symbol of the smiling sun.


The tension between issues such as housing and mobility was translated into posters where delta-shaped colour planes threaten to push out the information. The radical visual language, combined with the optimistic colours, forces the viewer to take in the message of the Biennial and is a call for change.


Z33 – House for Contemporary Art, Design & Architecture

Eindelijk! Finally! Enfin! Z33, House of Contemporary Art, Design & Architecture, is renewed and reopened. With an outstanding new building and an international programme, Z33 plans to become one of the leading art institutions in Europe.

The publicity campaign serves as a re-acquaintance with Z33. The eagerly anticipated reopening is announced on social media and posters all throughout Belgium. We present Z33 as an Oasis of Friction: a poetic beacon in the cultural field.



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