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Today, on Bounty Hunters, République Studio with Barrault Pressacco.

République Studio is an award-winning creative direction and graphic design practice based in Paris. Works with local and international clients across a diverse range of platforms and disciplines. Their strength is in versatile and timeless design. Typography is one of the key elements of our work, designing brand identities, logos, signage, books, publications, magazines, posters and websites. They have a strong network of photographers, illustrators, type designers, editors and developers, who accompany us in our creative process.

République Studio with Barrault Pressacco - Bounty Hunters

Paris-based architecture firm Barrault Pressacco asked local design practice République Studio to rebrand the company with brutalist minimalism and Helvetica in mind.

République’s solution does follow the brief but instead uses Radim Pesko’s Union – a typeface based on the two of the most common typefaces in the world, Arial and Helvetica. The identity’s structured, quiet system is defined by always using the typeface in the same weight, the same size (9.2pt) and with the same leading (12.25pt)

République Studio with Barrault Pressacco - Bounty HuntersRépublique Studio with Barrault Pressacco - Bounty Hunters République Studio with Barrault Pressacco - Bounty Hunters

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