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Resistenza e Liberazione. Jannis Kounellis a Padova

Based in Padua, Multiplo works for a diverse range of clients – from individuals to institutions, both locally and internationally – focusing on creative direction, print, identity, exhibition and interactive design across various media. Establishing a dialogue with clients is one of the main features of Multiplo’s approach, aiming at building strong design solutions and long-lasting relationships. Research is the other fundamental point: special projects run together with complementary professionals are a daily routine. If you are curious, just peek into the Research section. At last, Multiplo is involved in educational programs and teaching practice with design academies, professionals, institutions and companies.



Resistenza e Liberazione. Jannis Kounellis a Padova


A book celebrating the restoration of Resistenza e Liberazione, the installation Jannis Kounellis made back in 1995 in Palazzo Bo for the University of Padova. The artwork commemorates professors Concetto Marchesi, Egidio Meneghetti, Ezio Franceschini and their struggle against nazi-fascism. The intervention has been supported by @fondazionealbertoperuzzo and executed by @valentina_piovan_


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