Moritz Borchardt

Berlin-based graphic designer

Today, on Bounty Hunters, Moritz Borchardt with some selected works.


Moritz Borchardt is a Berlin based graphic designer working in the fields of print and web design such as art direction, branding, visual identities, magazines, books and websites. He is currently doing his Master of Arts in Visual Communication at the UdK Berlin in the class of Fons Hickmann. Moritz is founding member and head of design at Kaleid Magazine. Moritz was born in Cologne and lives in Berlin since 2012. 


Deutsches Grafikdesign 2019

The concept is based on the idea of a minimalist system ordered by lines and simple typography.

Notes of Romeo und Julia, unused concept for the Berliner Blog »Notes of Berlin«. The book’s concept is based on the combination of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet with Notes of Berlin’s city snapshots.

Humboldthain 1
The starting point of the magazine is the S-Bahn station Humboldthain. Inspired by its heptagonal roof shape, a search for hexagons and heptagons begins inside and outside the station. In the first chapter, Macro, the view is directed at the inner components and individual parts. Screws, hinges, nuts and sockets – the building blocks of the station show recurring patterns of form. In the second chapter, Macro, the view to the outside is directed into the environment. The polygons can be found in nature, architecture and design. References and connections are established between seemingly arbitrary places, objects and living beings, which are based solely on the fact of an identical form.
The text of this formal study is accompanied by eyewitness accounts of the protective bunkers in the underground of the Humboldthain, an essay on the occurrence of the hexagon in nature and an excerpt from the thriller ‘The Hexagon’.

Sole Harlem, 2018

In 2018 Moritz made concept and book design for the photo book “Sole Harlem” by the photographers Aljaž Fuis and Louise Amelie. It is a visual walk through the streets of Harlem and documents the one-year stay of the photographers.

In 2018 the book received the golden award of the German Photo Book Prize and was exhibited in Berlin, New York, Tokyo, Arles and Los Angeles.


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