Meat Studio

Graphic design studio based in Beijing and Toronto

Today, on Bounty Hunters, Meat studio.

Meat Studio is a graphic design studio focused on identity design and typography. Founded by Ronald Tau, based in Beijing and Toronto, Meat Studio thrives in the transit middle ground between cultures, and creates honest and simple designs that facilitates dialogue and understanding between the East and West.

Peiping Machine is a craft brewery that is dedicated to purist brewing techniques and consistent quality. The logo sources “Li Shu” style brush calligraphy from Peking-era ephemera, and attempts to modernize it by accentuating the strength and sharpness of the strokes. The identity, including promotional imagery, is completely typography-based. The brand strives to look authentically and emotionally Asian, but maintains a collected sense of objectivity.

Myth Monkey Beer is a local Chinese beer brewery located in 芜湖 Wuhu, China. Signature brews are fruity and fragrant, appealing to a younger casual audience.

Naming derives from the ancient Chinese myth 水猴子 “water monkey” or 水鬼 “water ghost”. The monkey and type design stylistically blend Asian calligraphy and Western contemporary type design.

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