Maxim Dosca

Says "As a freelance designer, some of the main challenges are staying motivated".

Maxim Dosca is a 28 years old graphic designer currently based in Venice, Italy. He graduated from the Iuav University (Industrial Design and Visual Communication) and obtained a Masters Degree in Communication and Publishing Design  at the same university in Venice. His activity focuses on topics around editorial design, print design, publishing, digital art and illustration. Alongside commissioned work he also collaborates with musicians and art galleries around the world.

As a freelance designer, some of the main challenges are staying motivated, and also accepting when an idea doesn’t always go the way you planned. Challenged by the mistakes in his works, Maxim tried to refine these quirks into dynamic ones. This is where his “metagrafik” project comes from, a personal challenge to create one poster everyday for one year. At the base of each poster are various cultural events, however, interpreted in a personal way. Using typography and image to create distinctive imagery, he refined his style to nurture his passion for graphic design. His work has an element of play which materializes a sense of original content around his own curiosity to discover new ideas and techniques.

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