Luca Longobardi

Italian graphic designer, born in Naples

Today on Bounty Hunters, Luca Longobardi with Cryptic Spell – Phenomenology of Black Metal Aesthetics.

Luca Longobardi is an Italian graphic designer, born in Naples. He recently graduated in Communication and Design for Publishing at the ISIA Urbino.

In addition to his academic career he works as a graphic designer trying to solve visual problems through the management of typography, images and colours. He is specialized in editorial publications, posters, flyers and visual identity. At the same time he has always carried out a method of design research also in the world of web and digital design.

His visual research, which started with the masters of Italian graphics such as AG Fronzoni and Massimo Vignelli, is carried on and mixed with his interest in Japanese and pop culture.

His greatest references in the art world are: Carmelo Bene, Paolo Sorrentino, Katsuhiro Otomo and Diego Armando Maradona.

Luca Longobardi with Cryptic Spell - Bounty Hunters Luca Longobardi with Cryptic Spell - Bounty Hunters

Cryptic Spell is an editorial project designed with Gloria Favaro, that investigates the history and aesthetic phenomenon related to the music genre Black Metal. All starting from the analysis of a particular object, a patch of the band “Darktrhone”. The publication presents an excursus, which starts from the history of patches, describes the music genre and the origins of metal typography and culminates with a chapter on contemporary black metal aesthetics. The openings of the chapters, present original lettering, designed by Luca and Gloria, are connected to the different eras and styles that have crossed the history of heavy metal.

Luca Longobardi with Cryptic Spell - Bounty Hunters

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