Julia Miceli Pitta

Visual identity, editorial design & creative direction

Julia Miceli Pitta is an Argentine graphic designer based between Buenos Aires and London. Her practice is always under construction. It sits in between conceptual thinking and exploration, with an unorthodox flavour. She specializes in visual identity, editorial design and creative direction.


She studied at the University of Buenos Aires, where she also taught Design as a teaching professor. Her aim is to encourage students to think critically, develop their own voice and experiment fearlessly.


Her practice is not attached to any particular style. She thinks each project as an adventure that opens a question, without recurring to any well-worn paths to diminish risks. Indeed, she embraces the possibility to break down the boundaries of graphic design and build an original language, questioning things instead of being certain of them. Working primarily for clients in the world of culture, she understands her exercise as a design laboratory. For her, to learn and understand rules is essential, but daring to break them is equally important.


Her work has been recognized all over the world. She had the honor of being part of multiple exhibitions, publications and contests. Moreover, in 2019 Julia won first place in two different categories in The Biennale of Design in Argentina and in 2021 she was selected to participate in the “XIIIth Florence Biennale” in Florence with diverse projects.




Mariana Bendersky | Publication

Mariana Bendersky is a multifaceted architect based in Paris. Her work stands out thanks to the versatility with which she faces every single project in which she is involved. For her, the context is one of the most important characteristics, since it unfolds the identity of each building. Where, how and what are always her first questions in order to build without restrictions and being more experimental. Mariana encouraged me to develop an editorial piece showing her perspective on architecture.





DALE | Magazine

DALE Magazine prefers to be an explorer rather to someone who gives explanations. This is a restless magazine for restless people. But to read quietly and attentively, or not. We can design a magazine, but we cannot foresee how it will be read. Sometimes we strive for spectacular sequences that are perfectly ignored by readers who – like me – start a magazine at the end or in the middle. The project includes three 64-page magazines, a cultural agenda focused on site-specific art and a recipe (how to make a happening).






Hyperirrealism | Book

Editorial Design for Ale Girá – Ale Girá is an experimental architect who explores diverse ways to create and develop architecture. Work for Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers.






Remy Architects | Visual Identity

Andrés Remy was part of Rafael Viñoly’s studio in New York. After working with him for five years, he decided to found a studio called Remy Architects. The studio is well known for developing innovative projects, with a unique architectural language. Andrés contacted me to develop his first book, where the principal goal was to show the soul of the studio: how its identity is a convergence of functionality and conceptual design. In addition, he also asked me to redo its entire brand identity, and this encouraged me to create a dynamic visual system, which not only included the book, but also logos, brochures, bags, website, among other things.





Juan Forn | Booklet Collection

Since 2008, every single Friday, Juan Forn writes the back cover of the newspaper Página/12. Faithful to what Borges always said-a writer is just a good reader-he ventures into unsuspected corners of literature, architecture, music, cinema and even the mathematics of the twentieth century, in search of the intimate keys that governed that century of avant-garde and catastrophe. I designed ten booklets where I tried to discover the personality of each text while maintaining some strong decisions to understand them as a booklet collection.



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