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Rebranding Iscte University — On going project

Today on Bounty Hunters, Inês Ayer.

An independent graphic cabinet run by a humanist designer at heart with a 360º approach to problem solving. Using design as a society shifter, through visual identity, concept and community. A multidisciplinary collaborative practice.

From Lisbon to Anywhere.

The Challenge was to rethink the strategy, brand concept and visual identity for Iscte University.

Um Espaço para Crescer ( Space to grow ) as an idea to build the brand. An identity with shapes inspired by the campus lines, that creates a new and improved graphic language closer to the students, faculty and community. One space with multiple subjects and essential knowledge to society growth.

An on going project that unfolds on a 360º brand, from digital to print matter and various communication materials.

Strategy & Copy | Vasco Mendonça

Photography | João Drama

Video Production | WONDR

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