Han Gao

An individual offering creative direction, branding, web and graphic design

Han Gao is an individual offering creative direction, branding, web and graphic design. He has been working internationally with artists, musicians, fashion designers, programmers on various multi-field projects.



Commissioned by a start-up Chinese Brand who provides Scientific Medical Solutions to our most common semi-health problems. The basic idea is to show quotes from medical studies which proved the function of the product. The texts are arranged precisely in a system of grid, so do the logo and product numbers. The message is clear: scientific, specific, truthful.




Design logo, brand, and packaging for NICE CREAM low-calorie healthy ice cream in early 2019. Attempting to re-examine the food industry’s design style of using pictures in a regular way to inject vitality into the food industry. The design of the packaging captures the habits of healthy food users, highlights the nutritional elements, and shapes the new generation of ice cream brands through the reorganization of information levels and bright colours.



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