Giovanni Murolo

Collection of works made between 2016 and 2020

Giovanni Murolo was born in Brescia, Italy, in 1988. He studied Product Design and Communication at the University of the Republic of San Marino, and later he obtained a Master’s degree in Publishing Design at ISIA in Urbino, with a thesis project on musical notation and typography, with the supervision of Luciano Perondi.

He moved to Berlin where he worked as a freelance graphic designer. Meanwhile he realized a self-initiated project called “Politic Posters”in collaboration with the graphic designer Elisa Chieruzzi. The project concerned of 29 posters based on socio-political facts occurred during 2016.

At that time he also started designing a grotesque character called “Seagal” that would have been a three-years project: a typeface with many alternate styles, that is widely used (and tested) in his projects.

In May 2017 he moved to Paris to work for the prestigious design studio Spassky Fischer, where he worked on different editorial projects, like Spectre 01 and Classeur 02 (both published by Èditions Cosa Mentale). Completed this fulfilling work experience, he decided to return to Italy and he moved to Milan, where he worked as a freelancer. He collaborated with various graphic design studios including the Dallas studio (Francesco Valtolina and Kevin Pedron). He also taught, as Paola Lenarduzzi’s assistant, for the Editorial Design course at NABA in Milan. In the meantime he was also a tutor at ISIA in Urbino, for an identity project commissioned by the municipality. He collaborated with Filippo Emiliani for the identity of an emerging brand of bags called Object Particolare.

In 2018 Giovanni worked as graphic designer for 6 months at the Juma studio in Balerna, Switzerland.

Since October 2019 he has been working as graphic designer for Kaleidoscope, under the creative direction of Alessio Ascari and the artistic direction previously Bureau Borsche followed by the Kasper Florio studio.

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