Cihan Tamti

Graphic design with personality

Today on Bounty Hunters, Cihan Tamti with  “Local Support Posters”, a personal initiative to support events and locations in his hometown.
Local Support Posters

About the Designer
Cihan Tamti is a Graphic Design Student based in Bochum Germany. Focused on graphic design with personality, found also in fonts created by him, as Giga Medium.

Local Support Posters

About the project
Local support posters is a personal initiative by Cihan Tamti.
During the pandemic times, he is offering free posters for locations and events. Currently, Cihan has designed 10 posters for events and locations in his hometown.

All the people involved in this initiative by Cihan, are receiving print files and one poster printed as a gift. Posters are posted on Instagram as well. His goal is to make these people smile and give them the feeling that someone is supporting them properly, using the power of social media. 

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