Céline Jouandet

Lady Spider, Publishing and Type Design

Céline Jouandet is a young French graphic designer, specialized in typography, and recently living in Amsterdam. She recently graduated from a Master in design and typography at ECV Paris.

With a background rich in various experiences, which allowed her to explore different creative fields: motion design, fine arts, scenography, web design, code, publishing and typography.





Lady Spider Publishing, 2021
Publishing and Type Design
203 x 277 mm,
160 pages

Measuring an average of 5 cm, the spider is an everyday companion. Its informality scares us: with its multiple eyes, its hairy body and its eight legs. Wrongly considered as a threat, it is not at all lethal for human beings. The objective of this project is to create editorial and typographic supports to demystify the spider. To get out of an anthropocentric conception of the world, to know so as not to fear.




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