By Beyond

Graphic design duo based in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Today, on Bounty Hunters, By Beyond with some selected works.

By Beyond is a graphic design duo based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was founded in 2019 by Julia Descole and Miranda Lopez Durnbeck. Their main focus is editorial, branding, print design and typography.

Design Thinking

Editorial project in which the design method is explained and applied in a particular case. The project follows class by class, the different activities and the thinking project behind it. The problem in this particular case is related to public transportation in the University of Buenos Aires. It delved into the variety of methods one can use in order to aboard different works within the design industry.

Alter Magazine

A magazine that reaches out to everyone passioned about electronic music. Like the music we listen to, that connects us and is able to transmit emotions and sensations, Alter is designed to combine all the characteristics of rave culture.

Casa Esquina

Fictional identity for the architectural project Casa Esquina led by architects Nicolás Pinto da Mota and Victoria María Falcón. The house’s minimalism and aesthetic were key elements when designing this identity.

Ciclo de Cine ’19

Identity, magazine and postcards designed for the Film Cycle 2019. This edition was based around Argentinian film director Lucrecia Martel. Her personal vibe, combined with the metaphors she puts out in her movies, were decisive to the typographical election of the project.


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