Borja Flores Oller

Graphic designer from Valencia, Spain

Borja Flores,  is a graphic designer from Valencia, Spain. Currently, at the advertising agency called Aftershare. He works in advertising campaigns but as well  collaborate with a video producers, luxury fashion brands, and dedicate his spare time to invent his own work with a strong interest in the graphic design.

Borja Flores says “I prefer do many collaborations, although they are free only if I can show my work, if the artist imposes his tastes I am not interested”.

Design for the editorial and Fashion Film ‘Medusa’ by Pellicer Estudio. The Fashion Film was in the final selection at the 5th International Awards @fashionfilmfestivalistanbul.

“As written by Ovid in Metamorphosis, Medusa was transformed in the monster we all know after she was raped by Poseidon in Athenea temple. Athena’s wrath made her blame and punish Medusa stirring her hair in snakes. Now anyone who looked she would turn to stone but not because she wanted to. The boys on the jellyfish Fashion Film realizes that, and even they turn into stone, they Don’t blame her. They could look through your eyes and see the it hurts inside her.”

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