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Strictly related to the place where it’s based: Torino.

Today on Bounty Hunters, Blue Studio with Muta¹ | Collezione Minima.


Blue. is a Graphic Design and Visual Communication Studio. It’s specialized in Brand Identity, Video making, Art Direction, Web Design, Advertising and Communication. Blue.’s way of working is strictly related to the place where it’s based: Torino. This city, rich of culture, is historical and elegant but, at the same time, since it’s based on industry, the atmosphere it creates is austere and aseptic. The Studio takes all these features and makes you see Torino under another light: as a fresh, clear and essential city.

Muta-blue-x-bounty-hunters Muta-blue-x-bounty-hunters

Blue. designed the brand identity of Muta¹ | Collezione Minima. A project born by the creative collaboration between the Italian designers Gianluca Bocchetta (co-founder of Blue.) and Sara Fortin.

The series is composed of complements matching the minimalism of the structures having essential and linear forms, with the bright colours and vibrant contrasts of the fabrics chosen for the coatings.

The choice between innumerable combinations of the structure colours and finishes and the coating typologies, together with the complement modularity, allow a complete personalization of the elements for being inserted into a private or public space.



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