Axel Valerien Broken Stamina

Axel Valerian

French graphic designer, from graffiti to graphic design

Today on Bounty Hunters Axel Valerien with “Broken Stamina” a personal book about “personal diseases” – 220 pages

Broken Stamina is a book about "personal diseases"

About the designer
Axel Valerien is a French graphic designer based in Bordeaux. Currently studying visual communication at the ECV Bordeaux.
After years spent doing graffiti, he decided to stop and start something different. Graphic design, the right choice in his opinion.
Last year, Axel collaborated with Sagmeister & Walsh and & Walsh as a freelancer.

About the project

Broken Stamina is a book about health, sleep and physical activities. With a personal and fun approach, between typography and experimenting grids, driven by a passion for graphic design.

Axel Valerien Broken Stamina

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