Álvaro Fernández

Branding and Visual identity

Álvaro Fernández is a spanish graphic designer based in Madrid. He has been part of different studios and art schools in Málaga, the city where he was raised, but now works as a freelance in the capital of Spain.

His work could be described as minimalist and conceptual, always in search of the visual metaphor. Specialized in branding and events identity, he is also very involved in the national music independent scene, collaborating with several bands, labels and festivals.

Visual identity for the art project “ESTADO REAL. Ampliando a Cano Lasso, de 350 a 10.000m2”, exhibition of Elvira Solana,  architect and painter.

The image of the ephemeral exhibition ESTADO REAL was intended to generate expectation around the artistic intervention of the architect and muralist Elvira Solana, as well as the production of a series of printed pieces such as posters, invitations and explanatory room sheets. The work consisted in the relocation of a luxury home in Madrid from a series of murals painted on its walls, which showed the views of its new seaside and fictional site.

With the aim of enhancing the dialogue between painting and architecture, the designer chose two complementary typographies that represented the traditional pictorial world and the avant-garde technical universe, respectively. The palette of colored papers represent the pigments used in the murals. The invitations included a piece of cloth resulting from the process of uncovering the walls of the house, previously covered.

Photography by Ana Amado.

Graphic system for Fosbury Fest, a music festival that takes place in Madrid and is based on the idea of friendship, love and affinity.

Named after the north american olympic athlete that changed the high jump technique forever, the center of the identity is born from the union of a heart and the olympic rings.

Due to the idiosyncrasy of the festival, celebrated in three different venues and two consecutive days, the poster was designed with a color system to inform when and where each band was playing.


Rebranding for LA GAUSS, a design and arts school located in Málaga.

The old x-shaped logo is restyled under a new concept: “a school that leaves mark”. The isotype is used to create a grid system that gives birth to a bunch of symbols. The blades of the X untie to flow across the new brand universe.

Mon Dvy is the solo project of musician and producer Martín Muñoz, halfway between pop, jazz and urban music.

The goal was to create a graphic universe that would combine the aesthetics of “sad boys” and old jazz album covers.

Among the references given, there were abstract symbology and dark thoughts. The result: a graphic system built from 13 symbols (one per song), that facilitates the design of every single that is published.

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