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Emergency Blanket

Today on Bounty Hunters, Alexander Kokx with Emergency Blanket.

Emergency Blanket by Alexander Kokx - Bounty Hunters

Alexander is conceptual graphic designer with a strong artistic approach and a sharp eye for detail. Based between Athens and Berlin, his practice explore the contemporary visual environment, blending of traditional and modern technologies through design process. He tries to investigate the relationship between digital and physical space as well as changes in the modes of communication. Art Director in Publicis One Greece, He has successfully undertaken various awarded projects for important brands and at the same time he had the opportunity to explore the social impact of marketing’ s practices. As a graphic designer his work is focused on culture and social field. 

Alexander finds interest in experimenting with various visual media such as typography, photography and motion for creating multimedia narratives, fascinated from the power of typography and text in all their forms, with influences from his work he likes to create in these hybrid areas between design and art.


Emergency Blanket by Alexander Kokx - Bounty Hunters

EMERGENCY BLANKET 160 CM x 210 CM is a project created during the quarantine, in March 2020 in Athens.

The project talks about Wealth and Health in emergency times.
It’s divided into three parts, which could work independently or complement each other. By looking at different aspects of a critique of late capitalist society and its “accounting” tendency, it coexists with the personal experience of an unprecedented state of confinement.
For the purposes of the project, a real emergency blanket measuring 160cm. * 210cm – a cheap medical object – became the subject of experimentation where its materiality combined with other mediums (photography, video, editing) determined the final result.
The title of the work is derived from the brand name of the product and is a direct reference to the work of the Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben and the concept of “state of emergency”, which has begun to become a “normal” way of governing since the years of recent economic crisis.


“It is cynical to impute the propagation of the scourge to the deplorable insufficiency of the medical means being used! For decades the public welfare has been compromised, the hospital sector has paid the costs of a policy that favors financial interests at the expense of the health of the citizens. There is always more money for the banks and fewer and fewer beds and caregivers for the hospitals. What acts of buffoonery can continue to hide the fact that the catastrophic management of catastrophe is inherent in globally dominant financial capitalism, which today is combated globally in the names of life, the planet and the species to be saved?”

Raoul Vaneigem


Part 1

Experimental Video


Creating stories with an emergency blanket.

* Shortness of breath is one of the symptoms of Covid-19 disease.


Emergency Blanket by Alexander Kokx - Bounty Hunters


Part 2

Print / Advertising


An inexpensive medical item is treated like an expensive and luxurious product. Using photography and image processing as part of a cleverly refined and minimalist design, creating an advertising entry.



Part 3

Installation (Home edition)

With the use of an emergency blanket, an installation is made and photographed in 3 phases.

A project related to the concepts of time and embodiment at the state of their suspension in emergency times.

The blanket, a soft and flexible object intended to be “worn”, to wrap a body, is imprinted with a static rigidity, sometimes open and sometimes compressed.

The order of presentation of the images of the construction can be differentiated, thus introducing the temporal, mental and physical  alternations.



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