Alessio Longa

Design Issey Miyake – a tribute project to the Japanese designer Issey Miyake

Alessio Longa is a graphic designer from Milan, he’s currently completing the training course at the New Academy of Fine Arts – NABA, in Milan, where he attends the Graphic Design & Art Direction course.
His biggest source of inspiration is the international typographic style of the 1950s, also called the Swiss school: it always strikes him in its rigor and in being balanced and clear.

Editorial graphics are also a big source of inspiration for him, as they projects him into a dimension in which the white space is no longer ‘empty’ but it becomes ‘cluttered’.
The style that he prefers, and that he tries to apply as much as possible, plays on using fairly rigid grids, minimalism, leveraging the use of typography as a design and communication element.


Design Issey Miyake is a tribute project to the Japanese designer Issey Miyake, who revolutionized the world of design, with particular devotion to innovation and experimentation, ranging from fashion design to product design, inspiring minds in all areas of design.



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