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Being interested in the variety of creative arts, Aldo Heubel studies crossmedia design at the AKI ArtEZ in Enschede / The Netherlands, where he develops his own style in photography, graphic design, cinematography and conceptual projects. Grown up in Hamburg, Germany in a family full of architects, he is inspired by past design decades which he combines with his passion for nature and movement. His work blends visual quotes with a contemporary twist while focusing on authentic representation of people and places. Aldo believes in the strength of cooperative and multidisciplinary approaches to design. He uses his diverse skillset to transform his own projects into critical and aesthetic artwork crossing boundaries with interdisciplinary communication.



The personal branding of Aldo Heubel finally comes to life. The research began already 2 years back in time, when he realised his growing interest for typography in graphic design. With having all sorts of projects in his portfolio, it was important to let the work breathe as well as letting it speak for itself. On the other side, the interests and growing passion for web design had to get its podium as well. After working, making and experimenting in his studies, he found a tone and feeling he wanted to create with his visual identity. A strong typeface combined with clean colours (light grey and almost black) to let the colourful and divers work pop out even more. The red represents his passion for all the work he does, keeping it not too present ( on the website for example) to keep it clean and simple.






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