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Today on Bounty Hunters, Adrien Midzic with some selected typefaces released by Pizza Typefaces.

Adrien Midzic is a French type designer, graphic designer and co-founder of the Pizza Typefaces type foundry.

Currently working on his own typefaces, for his own client and working with other type foundry.

After having evolved in graffiti for more than 10 years and studied graphic design, the design of fonts for one of the visual identities was quickly obvious.

Since his graphic design practice places typography as the main element of design, it was only natural to want to build up a collection of personal fonts in order to be able to integrate them into different graphic design projects (book design, poster design, site design Web and visual identity). It allows not to multiply the graphic elements and increase the power of the messages conveyed.

In 2018, with 4 fonts ready to be published, Luc Borho and Adrien decided to launch Pizza Typefaces.

Since then, they fall in love with variable-font and custom type or retail type design have been the daily life of the Paris-based studio.


Here some Typecfaces selected by PizzaTypefaces


Dozza Typeface, released in 2020, Latin script, 4 styles

Orelo typeface, released in 2018, Latin and Hangul (soon) script, 120 styles and variable font

UltraSolar typeface, Latin, released in 2019, 1 style

Wasa Typeface, Latin, released in 2019, 12 styles and variable font

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